Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stopping in Huron, Ohio.

Since it was on the way, I decided to make a brief stop in Huron, Ohio.  The two ships that I saw there in layup are still there.
 First up was the Thomas R. Morrish, she was performing dredging operations in the river.
 The John J. Boland is still laid up here but she may be leaving soon.  I saw a sheet that said she would be leaving sometime in early April.  That would be a good thing, I think.
 Another angle of her.  I hope to catch her in action again soon.
The Adam E. Cornelius is going to remain laid up for a little longer though.  I'm not sure when she will be coming out again if at all.

After taking pictures of the boats, I ended up stopping at this little restaurant on US-6.  It was pretty good, I would consider it again if I come this way.

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