Monday, March 7, 2016

Mid-American Conference - Round One

So tonight was the first game of the MAC Tournament for Eastern Michigan.  They were ranked as the number 8 seed in the MAC, which meant they got to face Number 9 Toledo at home.  I was a little nervous as they just played Toledo on Friday and even though they beat them, it's a whole other game in the playoffs.  As always, I'm just going to post my favorite picture from the game.  If you want other game shots, go to Eagle Totem.
 A shot of the Eastern flag outside of the Convocation Center.
 I also caught part of the women's game.  They beat Kent State and will get a chance to play Ball State in their Round 2.
 James Thompson IV dunks during the warmup session.
 I kind of liked this sign.
 Tim Bond after a dunk.
 Swoop during the halftime.
 Rob Murphy high fives the team with seconds remaining on the clock.  They would win 69-60.
 A celebration with the student section.
A fairly candid shot of James Thompson after the game.

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