Friday, March 11, 2016

An Afternoon in Deshler

After Eastern beat Toledo on Monday night, I decided to take a half day today on the off chance that Eastern beat Akron yesterday and I could go to a basketball game tonight.  Well that didn't happen.  Eastern put up a pretty good fight and led most of the game but at the end they couldn't handle Akron.  Oh well.  There is a bit of talent on Eastern's team that is hopefully returning next year.

So after spending the morning at work, I decided to head down to Deshler after my safety meeting.  It was a nice enough day and I hate to waste a vacation day, even if it is a half day.
 There aren't as many trains that pass by Deshler as there are in Fostoria but I like the views better.  The fact that there aren't any fences helps because it gives you unimpeded views of the trains.
 I try not to stray too close to the tracks because I don't want them to have to put fences in.
 The lighting was just about perfect for catching the westbound trains but then again, that's all I caught today.
 Another train passes the tower there.
 I don't normally post pictures of train graffiti but there were a couple of good examples.
 This train made the transition from being a westbound to a southbound train.  It was carrying a variety of cars
 The light was even better for this view.
 I don't normally like views from the back, but I did like this one with the Deshler tower and the old B&O signal lights.
 This is nice to know.
 It's amazing how beat up some train cars get.  But then again, I think this one pretty much just handles scrap metal.
 The train raccoon.
 Depending on what agricultural product this car carries, it could become beer.
 Another westbound train.
This particular one was carrying coal.  I suspect it is bound for Gary.

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