Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Can't Come Soon Enough

So over the weekend we had temperatures reach in the upper 60's around home.  I think they hit the low 70's in Fostoria.  Monday was still in the upper 50's and then yesterday we get hit with a snow/ice storm and today was back down in the upper 20's/low 30's.  It's supposed to get into the high 30's/40's over the weekend, so I am hoping that we had our last bit of snow for the season.
 So I was hoping to get some winter shots as I was driving into work today but things didn't quite cooperate with that.  As I was heading into the office, I saw a bunch of robins in the trees in front of the office, so I decided to put the big lens on.
 Normally the first robins you see are ones that probably stayed behind for the winter.  Not all robins migrate to the south.   It seems like those are in small groups though.  This seemed to be too large of a group to have stayed here.
 I think they were eating the berries that are in our cherry maple trees.
 At any rate, it was pretty nice to see some robins.  Even if they are robins that stayed behind, this is normally a sign that spring is around the corner.
 And the trees make for a pretty background for the robins.
 Some of them weren't as shy as the others.
 And I think that these made for better pictures.
I'm pretty sure that this one is hoping that spring comes much sooner.

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