Monday, October 10, 2016

A Brief Visit to Holland

As I said in my previous posts, I was in search of history.  Part of that search brought me to Holland but I will give the reason why in a future post.
 As I was heading to Windmill Island, I noticed the train station in Holland.  Like many train stations, there was a gate guardian.  In this particular case, it was a caboose that belonged to the Pere Marquette Railroad.
 I'm not sure when this train station was built but it looks fairly new.  It is served by Amtrak's Pere Marquette line which goes from Chicago to at least Grand Rapids.  I didn't get a chance to look inside but it looks fairly nice.
 Holland, Michigan was founded in 1847 by Dutch Calvinists.  Every year it is host to a tulip festival.
 It seemed like there were a fair amount of nice restaurants downtown.

I kind of liked this statue.

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