Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday Morning Planewatching

I took the day off yesterday because I was hoping to get a tour of the USS Detroit.  As I was heading to Detroit, I decided to make a detour to catch a few planes coming in for a landing at Detroit Metro Airport.  I saw that there were a couple of 757s coming in.
 First up was a plane that I wasn't expecting to see.  It is an Airbus 321 belonging to Frontier Airlines.  They have one of my favorite liveries because they always have an animal on their tail.  This particular plane had a polar bear on its tail and was arriving at Detroit from Orlando, Florida.
 This is an MD-90 coming in for a landing from Denver International Airport.
 Another airline with livery that I like is Southwest.  They always have fairly colorful livery.
 This 757 was coming in for a landing from Orlando.
 A Boeing 717 that was arriving from Austin, Texas.
 This United Express Embrear 175 was coming in from Newark, New Jersey.  It is actually operated Republic Airlines.  They have the call sign of "Brickyard".
 This CRJ-700 was coming in from Elmira.
 After a 28 minute flight, this CRJ-200 arrived from Akron.
 Another airplane coming from Orlando.
 Another Boeing 717.  This particular one flew in from Memphis.
 This is a CRJ-900 that is operated by Pinnacle Airlines.  I heard the other day that they are probably going to retire the "Flagship" call sign.
The other 757 I was waiting for came in from Atlanta.

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