Monday, October 10, 2016

Return to Fallasburg

I decided to go seeking history yesterday (more about that in a later post).  Since the history was on the western part of the state, I decided to make a brief detour to Fallasburg in order to get some pictures of the covered bridge there.  I figured that there might be some hints of color and that makes for nice covered bridge pictures.
 First I went back to what used to be the village of Fallasburg.  This is a barn that belong to one of the families that lived there.  I got there early enough so I had some fairly nice light for these shots.
 This is the house that was on the property of the barn.
 A house that was across the street.
 Of course my main object here was the bridge.  The river was pretty calm, so I got some pretty nice reflections in the water.  I just wish I could have gotten some pictures from the other side because the light would have been behind me.
 Of course, my favorite sign.
 I tried to go a little further down this trail, but it seemed pretty treacherous.
 Like I said, the reflections were pretty cool.
 I would have liked this picture more without the people in it.

Just trying for a slightly different angle.

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