Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eastern Michigan Versus Toledo Football

So Eastern Michigan was at home today which meant I went to go take some pictures of the team.  They were facing the dreaded Rockets of Toledo.  For the past few years it didn't seem like Eastern Michigan could hang with Toledo.  As I looked at things, I thought that perhaps Eastern had a chance today.
 It's amazing what a 4-1 record can do for your attendance numbers.  It has been a while since I've seen it this crazy at Rynearson Stadium.  It would be nice to see this sort of thing sustained.  But I think that Eastern Michigan is going to need a few more seasons like this before these numbers are sustained.
 The Eastern Michigan Band at the beginning of the game.  They always look pretty good.
 The Flag Girls.  I kind of liked the way this picture turned out.
 Swoop!  Today was homecoming, so there were quite a few people wearing Huron gear.  I started at Eastern as a Huron but I graduated from there as an Eagle since they switched the name midway through my time there.   I would love to see them bring back the Huron but I don't think that is going to happen and in my time as a photographer at the games, I've come to grips with that.  The symbol isn't what's important, it's what the symbol stands for that's important.
 The Alumni band.
 The Color Guard during the Star Spangled Banner.  As the team marched on the field, they came out arm in arm and showed a display of unity.  It would be nice if we as a nation could do that.  There are many scary things out there and if we don't get over our differences, we won't be able to cope with them.
 The Eastern Michigan band leaving the field.
 The Eastern Michigan dance team looked pretty good too.
 The guy in the red hat is the media time out guy.  When he comes out on the field, the action stops and we have to wait for the commercial breaks.  Because it seems like there are more commercials, the games are lasting longer than they should. 
 This is my shot of the game.  Eastern Michigan's Nigel Kilby is reaching for the ball in the effort to score a touchdown.  He didn't get it.  In many ways, this picture is a good representation of the game.  Eastern tried to reach for the victory but couldn't quite get it.
 The band at halftime did some Frank Sinatra number.  If were still alive, he would have been 100 this year, so they were commemorating this.
 They looked and sounded really good.
 I really like this picture.
 They even started a kick line.
 I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch.
 They played "Luck Be a Lady" for the last piece and they were joined by the Dance Team.

 Again, they looked pretty awesome.

 Of these two shots, I think I like this one better.
 The Dance Team doing a kick line as well.
 The band ending the songs prior to marching off the field.  I will have to say this but the band has been looking and sounding better in the time that I've been photographing regularly at the Eastern games. 
 A shot of the student section.  I think the reported attendance was over 20,000 today.  Like I said, it would be nice if this would continue.
 A closeup of some of the students.
Might as well get the cheerleaders in here too.

So Eastern Michigan ended up losing to Toledo but it was a pretty close game for the most part.  The difference was when Eastern Michigan fumbled a kickoff.  This allowed Toledo to score back to back and pretty much kill any chance that Eastern had.  Despite that, they still fought pretty hard and I still thought they had a small chance.  Time will tell if this continues but I am really liking what I see.

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