Monday, October 24, 2016

The Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 Leave Grand Haven

I decided to head over to Grand Haven yesterday.  I saw that the Wilfred Sykes would be entering there at a fairly reasonable time.  It also looked like it was going to be a nice day.
 As I arrived at Grand Haven, I saw a vessel in the channel.  I was not expecting to see another ship there but I'm okay with that.
 It turns out that it was the tug Undaunted with her barge the Pere Marquette 41.  Neither of which have been on this blog before.
 The Pere Marquette 41 started life as the City of Midland when she was built in Manitiwoc, WI in 1940.  She was powered by two Skinner Uniflow steam engines which gave her 6000 horsepower.  She could carry up to 376 passengers in her 60 staterooms and 12 parlors.  She could carry up to 34 rail cars or 50 automobiles on each trip.  After completing her sea trials, she was delivered to the Pere Marquette Railroad in 1941.  She would serve that railroad and later the Chesapeake and Ohio until 1985 when the cross lake rail service was ended.
In 1998, she began her new life as the Pere Marquette 41.  The barge would be 403 feet long and she can carry 5000 tons of cargo.
 She is pushed by the Undaunted.
And one final shop before she leaves.

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