Monday, October 24, 2016

A Stop at Gerald R. Ford International Airport

After catching the Sykes, I ended up heading home but I decided to stop at Gerald R. Ford Airport.  I liked the little park they had there and I wanted to get some more pictures. 
 As I arrived, it wasn't too long before this MD-88 arrived from Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.  Atlanta used to be the main hub for Delta before they acquired Northwest Airlines.  I think it is still their main hub but it might share time with Detroit and Minneapolis.
 This CRJ-700 wears the American Eagle regalia but it is actually operated by Envoy Airlines.  It was flying in from Chicago O'Hare Airport.
 This Embrear 175 was coming in from Detroit.
 This Embrear 135 was coming in from Newark Airport.  One of the flights between when I took this picture and now was a flight to Reagan Airport in Washington DC.
 This plane is owned by Meijer Distribution Inc.  Meijer is a large grocery chain that was started in (or near) Grand Rapids.  It was one of the first chains to combine groceries with other goods.  It is now spreading across the Midwest.
 This is an Embrear 170 but I'm not sure about where it was coming from.
 I think this plane was heading to Phoenix.
 This plane was arriving from Chicago O'Hare.
 She taxis to the main runway.
 and take off.
 I'm not sure where this CRJ-700 was coming from as flight aware doesn't show it.
 This plane is owned by Mensa Aviation out of Ada, Michigan but there is no flight information.
 Another plane owned by a company in Ada, MI.
 Another Embrear 170.
 A Southwest 737 coming in from Chicago-Midway.
 I kind of like the colors in the background.

A shot of the airport itself.

As I was leaving the park yesterday, I saw that they are planning on expanding it.  It should be pretty awesome.

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