Sunday, October 16, 2016

Return to Grand Haven

Before heading home, I decided to head back to Grand Haven.  I didn't really have an update of the ships, but I was hoping they were heading back.
 It was still pretty windy when I got there.  I was still hoping the winds would die down, so I decided to get some dinner.
 It was getting dark rapidly.  I figured that if I couldn't get pictures of ships, I could get a few more pictures of the lighthouse.
 The waves were still crashing over the pier.

 I kind of liked the way the lights were reflecting on the water soaked pier.
 The pier was still disappearing.
 I couldn't believe that there was someone surfing in this.

I kind of wish that I brought my tripod.  Oh well.

As it was, both ships came in today.  I didn't really feel like heading back though.

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