Saturday, October 29, 2016

Miami Redhawks at Eastern Michigan

So I went to the Eastern Michigan game today.  They need one more win to be bowl eligible although I think they need to finish the season at 7-5 to get a bid to a bowl.  They were facing the Miami Redhawks.
 It was a beautiful fall day today as it reached 70.
 Another shot of some foliage.
 I caught some pictures before the game.  This was probably my favorite.
 The Eastern Michigan band takes the field.
 I kind of like this shot a little better.
 The drum majors.
 I kind of liked this shot too.
 The majorettes.
 A couple of the band members.
 The team comes on the field unified.  I think this is pretty cool.
 The pre-game eagle.
 Another shot of the eagle.
 I kind of liked the look of the stadium in the tuba.
 One of the drums.
 This was probably my favorite shot.  Eastern ended up losing the game 28-15.  They looked pretty lethargic through the whole game.
 It was band day today.  Normally they do a giant "EMU".  I couldn't catch it with the lens I had.
So I used my iPhone.

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