Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Long Distance Plane Watching

I decided to do some plane watching today at lunch.  I looked at Flightaware and discovered that the planes taking off from Detroit Metro were almost heading over the office.  It also looked the same for some of the flyover planes.
 First up was a Delta Airbus 320 flying out of Metro.  I don't remember where it was heading though.
Then there was a Delta 737 that was on its way to Seattle.
 This was an American Airlines Airbus 319 that was flying from O'Hare to one of the east coast airports.
 I think this 757 was on its way to LAX.
 A Delta Airbus 319.
 A Southwest 737.  I kind of like this one because you can barely make out the plane.
 I think this is a Delta Boeing 717.
And the Delta 747 that was on its way to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

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