Monday, October 10, 2016

The Windmill Island Gardens in Holland

Part of my history seeking took me to Holland, Michigan.  While I was there I figured I would go to check out the Windmill Island Gardens. 

 The Windmill Island Gardens are to the north of Holland, Michigan.  The park opened in April of 1965 and is the main location for the Annual Tulip Time Festival in Holland.  During the season, there is an admission charge but after the park is closed, they will actually tour the grounds for free.
 This windmill was purchased from a retired miller in Holland (the Netherland Holland) by the City of Holland in 1964.  It was brought over to Muskegon by the Prins Willem Van Oranje and reconstruction started in 1964. 
 A recreation of one of the bridges in the original Holland.
 Originally it was known as Hyma Island but it was actually a peninsula until this canal was made.  This island was chosen because of the favorable wind conditions.
 Apparently this particular wind mill was used as an observation tower in World War II and some of the old beams around the bottom show bullet holes from that period.
 I'm not quite sure how tall the Windmill is, but it seems pretty darn tall.
 The first visitor to the park was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and apparently you can see his ticket and the 10 guilder note he used to purchase said ticket.
 The lighting was perfect for me.
 This certainly wouldn't look too out of place in Holland.

 To the right is the field where they grow the tulips that are famous in pictures of this windmill.
 Again the water was pretty smooth for me.

 As I was taking pictures, this paraplane appeared.
 And of course, I needed pictures of it.
 A Dutch Mailbox.
 Many of these buildings are recreations of buildings that you would find in the original Holland.

I'll just imagine these reeds are part of a wheatfield.

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