Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wandering Between the Raindrops in Ann Arbor

I had to help my mom hang a show at Sweetwater's Cafe on Liberty Street.  It was raining at the time but I liked the reflections on the rain soaked streets, so I decided to take a walk while they were deciding what to do for the show.
 Elvis Costello is playing at the Michigan Theater and I wish I had known.  That might be a pretty interesting show.
 Looking up Liberty in the direction of the State Theater.  Like I said, I liked the way the reflections were looking on the streets.  The people with the umbrellas remind me of the picture at the Chicago Institute of Arts of the Paris Streets.
 Just looking up the sidewalk.  I kind of like the way how the lines lead into the picture.
 I decided to head over to State Street next.  There weren't a ton of people on the streets tonight.
 There wasn't too much traffic either.
 A closeup of the Michigan player on the wall.
 I decided to do some pictures in black and white.  Looking down the corridor of Nickels Arcade.
 Hill Auditorium.
 Looking down at Rackham Hall.  I really liked how the colors were coming out with the cloudy skies.
 The Burton Memorial Tower.  I think I have a couple pictures of this.
 Looking towards the Graduate Library.
 Another shot of the library.
 A wet Block M in the Diag.
 This is probably one of my favorite buildings on the Diag.
 Clements Library is another nice looking building.  Apparently, it was Albert Kahn's favorite.
 The President's House.
 The Michigan Union also looks pretty nice.
 Angell Hall.
 I never noticed that there was some nice stained glass in this building.

 There is a spot next to the Michigan Theater with some pretty cool graffiti.
 I kind of like the Bo painting in the middle.

I'm not sure what to make of this one.

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