Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Dawn Patrol Rendezvous - Part II

After the flight demonstration, I decided to wander around and look at some of the things they had set up.
 They had a few people that were dressed up in World War I uniforms.  These guys were dressed up as US Marines from World War I.  If you will recall, the Marines fought in a few battles during World War I and they fought pretty well.
 A Vickers 0.303 inch water cooled machine gun.  This machine gun was developed by the Vickers Company in 1912 and saw service with the British Army until 1968.  It could fire at a rate of 450 rounds per minute.
 Someone depicting someone from the Medical Corps.
 Some of the equipment used by the Medical Corps.  He had a pretty sizable set of equipment. 
 There was someone there with surveying equipment from the period.
 A map and some of the direction equipment that would be used in conjunction with the map.
 A person representing a soldier from the Canadian Army.  Because they were part of the British Commonwealth, they were equipped with British equipment, so a British soldier from the same period would look similar.
 Some more British equipment.
 A pair of German helmets.
 A US Soldier.
 A US helmet from the 1st Infantry Division.
 This person would be depicting a US pilot from World War I.  I think he is wearing Cavalry boots from the era.
 A German Soldier.
 Another SPAD.
 I think one of the interesting things is how sparse the cockpits are.   Although many of these things are still in a modern cockpit in one form or another.
 I think some of the pilots opt for a more modern looking cockpit.
 They also had some cars from the era.
 A Buick.
 Another Buick.
 A pilot posing in front of the Pup.

The McLaughlin Auto Company began in 1876 as the McLaughlin Carriage Company near Oshawa, Ontario.  In 1907, they became a car company.  They became part of General Motors later.
 They also had some decent scale aircraft.  This is one of the German bombers.
 During the demonstration, it dropped some simulated bombs.
 A radio controlled version of one of the earlier aircraft.  I think this is a French aircraft.
 The Wright Flyer.
 A model of a Canadian airplane.
 The Fokker Triplane.  Sadly, I wouldn't see this bad boy take the sky.
 Another one of the radio controlled planes.  It's amazing how realistic these look.
A fire truck set up, just in case.

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