Sunday, October 30, 2016

Looking for the Heavies

Next I headed over to Metro Airport.  I was hoping to catch some of the heavies but it seems that their times have changed.  The planes were coming in from the south, so I started on the parking deck.
 As I arrived at the parking deck, this 757 was coming in for a landing from Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta.  It would return to Atlanta and then head to St. Louis and back to Atlanta.  As I type this post, it is on its way to Baltimore.
The 737 is taxiing to take off.  The CRJ just came in for a landing.
 This Frontier Airbus 321 was heading to Orlando.
 This Boeing 717 was coming in from LaGuardia.
 A Super King Air heading somewhere.
 This Embrear 170 was on its way to Chicago.
 I'm not sure where this 757 was coming from.
 The Delta 767 flight from London.
 One more shot of that.
I think this 747 was on its way to Beijing.

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