Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Night Planewatching

I decided to head over to Metro Airport tonight to do a little planewatching.
 This American Airlines 737 was coming in from Dallas.
 And this Delta 737 was arriving from Baltimore-Washington International.
 Not sure where this plane was coming from.
 I'm not sure where this Airbus 319 was coming from as Flight Aware is pretty unclear.
 Another one that isn't listed on Flight Aware.
 I can't quite make out the tail number on this plane.
 I think this plane was coming back from Seattle.  As I type, it is on its way back there.
 This 757 is on its way to LAX as I type.  I'm not sure where it was coming from when I took the picture.
 A Delta CRJ.
 Another 757.

I waited around to get this MD-88.

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