Monday, January 2, 2017

And the Cason J. Callaway

This is the ship that got me to go out boatwatching yesterday.  Of all the ships that I catch, I like the classic lakers the most and the Callaway is about as classic as you can get.
 She was heading down to Zug Island but I'm not sure if she was carrying stone or taconite.
 She starts to make her turns towards the channel.
 It was a little hazy yesterday but not too bad.
 I tried to follow the Callaway a little closer than the Laurentien.
 Sadly, I wasn't able to get a decent shot of the frontal shot.  Oh well.
 Probably one of my favorite shots of the set though.
 She starts to enter the Detroit River proper.
 the beam shot.
 I headed down to Riverside Park because I was hoping to follow her as she headed into Zug Island but there were some people there that creeped me out, so I just took what pictures I could.
 A shot of her with the Renaissance Center.
 She starts to approach the Ambassador Bridge.
 I pulled out a little bit to get almost a full shot of the Bridge.
And the beam shot as she passes underneath.

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