Monday, January 2, 2017

Other Shots of Detroit

These are just some other shots that I took yesterday while wandering around.
 I kind of liked the way the sun was hitting the Ren Cen as I was at Milliken.
 The Detroit skyline from Riverside Park.
 While I was at Riverside, I noticed that there were a few planes flying over.  The yellow Spirit plane.
The more traditional livery.
 A shot of the Detroit skyline from Milliken.
 The Tri-Centennial Lighthouse.
 Another shot of the skyline.
 Another view of the lighthouse.
This is a Van's RV-9A which is a kit aircraft produced by Van's Aircraft of Aurora, Oregon.  The plane first flew in 1997 and since then 935 have been sold.  It is powered by a 160 horsepower Lycoming engine which gives it a top speed of 197 miles per hour.   This particular one flies out of Canada.

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