Sunday, January 8, 2017

What I Thought Was Going to be a Lazy Afternoon

When I looked at AIS last night, I didn't see much traffic that would be coming down the river today.  Then I checked the temperature and it looked like it was going to be in the teens.  Those two factors combined to indicate that I wasn't going to be doing too much today.  I don't like wasting a day when I could be taking some photographs and generally that means a trip down to Depot Town to catch the Wolverine.
 There wasn't enough snow yesterday to make for cool pictures but still not too bad.
 I was by the rail greaser again, so I could get the longer shots.  There was a little dusting of snow for the train to kick up.
 But not quite as dramatic as when there is more snow on the ground but not too bad.
 The train getting closer.
And one more shot as it passed.

I thought today was going to be a lazy day and then I remembered that the heavies usually land at Metro from about 12:30 to 1:30 or so.  So I decided to head over to Metro for the subjects of my next post.

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