Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs. Central Michigan

So I went to the Eastern Michigan basketball game tonight.  As I was making this post, I realized that it has been a month since I've photographed anything sports related.  I was going to go to the Eastern game at Detroit-Mercy but I wasn't feeling particularly well that night.  Then I as going to go to another Eastern game but that was the day of nasty weather.  So I might have been a little rusty tonight.

As always, I'm going to post my favorite picture of the game.  For the rest, go to Hustle Belt.
 this is one of the banners that they have hanging in the parking lot.  I kind of like the simplicity of it.
 The Eastern Michigan flag blowing in the wind.
 The American flag hanging from the rafters.
 This was probably my favorite shot of the game.  Baylee Steele going for a dunk.
 The cheerleaders during one of the timeouts.
Rob Murphy was able to get his 100th win as the Eastern Michigan head coach (which I think was also his 100th win as a head coach period).  And to think, I was there for his first.

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