Monday, January 2, 2017

Planewatching on New Year's Day

I was going to follow the Callaway as she headed into Zug Island but I cut that short because I saw a couple shady looking characters at the park.  I figured that I would get my last shot and since I was done around 12:30, I decided to head over to the airport for the afternoon heavies.
First up was a 777 arriving from Shanghai Pudong Airport.  It is about a 14 hour flight.
This Embrear 170 is owned by Republic Airlines but operates for United Express.  It was flying in from Newark Airport. 
This Airbus A330 was arriving from Amsterdam.
 Another Embrear 170.
 A Canadian Regional Jet run by the Canadian Airlines.  I would like to see more of these.
 A 737 that was coming in from Seattle.
This is one of the planes I wanted to see.  This 757 was coming from Atlanta.  I was only going to spend a little time at the airport until I saw that a 757 was arriving.  I like the 757.
 I'm not sure if this is a regular flight or they just transfer planes around.
 This is a 737-900 operated by Southwest.  I still think this is one of my favorite liveries.
 Another CRJ.
 Seemed like it was the day of the CRJ's.
And another CRJ.  I really wish that Delta would do some retro-livery.  It would be cool to see some examples of the airlines that were merged to form Delta as it is today.
 This was an Airbus A320 operated by Spirit.
 Another 737.
 A 737-900 owned by Delta.  I think this was arriving from LAX.
 The 767 coming from London.  This one is painted for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I think it looks pretty neat.
 A Mad Dog, but I'm not sure what version.
 A CRJ-200.
 An American Airlines 737.
I was waiting for another 757 and I saw this plane.  As it was coming it, I was pretty sure it was 757 but imagine my disappointment.
I stuck around to catch this 757-300 from the west coast.

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