Saturday, January 14, 2017

Catching the Heavies

After catching the Wolverine, I decided to head over to Metro Airport.  I was hoping to catch the afternoon heavies again.
 Before leaving, I checked FlightAware and it looked like planes would be landing from the south.  The winds must have shifted on the way over, because I saw the planes coming in from the north.  I'm fine with that because it's better for most of the spots I've found.
The first plane I caught wasn't a heavy though.  It was a 737 belonging to American Airlines.  I'm fine with that because I happen to like this particular paint scheme.  I would tell you where these planes are coming from but I really don't want to look it up.  I will you tell you the ones that I remember.
 Next up was another 737.   This particular one belonging to Southwest Airlines.  I think particular one was coming in from Midway Airport in Chicago.
 The CRJ is also not a heavy.
 It wasn't too long before the first heavy appeared.  This particular one was a 777 belonging to Delta Airlines.   It was arriving from Shanghai.  It's kind of neat seeing these planes.
 Next up was Virgin Flight 107 from London.   I love hearing these guys on the radio.
 Then I caught another Southwest 737.  I think this one was arriving from Charlotte.
 Next up was the Airbus A330 coming in from Amsterdam.
 And then there was another 737 belonging to Southwest but I don't remember where this one was flying in from.
 Sometimes I feel like I should write down where the flights are coming from because then I don't have to look them up when I do these posts.
 I think this Delta 737 was arriving from Las Vegas.
 I believe this was a Boeing 717.
 An Airbus A319.
 I kind of wish that I could see some of the older commuter planes.  The CRJ's look pretty cool but I like a little more variety.
 Another 717.
It must have been 737 day because I saw a bunch of them today.
 And another one.  I think this one was coming in from Philadelphia.
 I kind of like the fact that I'm finding places where I can get different angles.
 An Airbus A320 belonging to Spirit Airlines.
 This 757-300 was flying in from Phoenix.
 Another angle
 A CRJ-200 passes by.
 And another.
 I think this is probably an MD-88 (or thereabouts).
 I do like the 737, I really do.
 And another.
 An Embrear 175 belonging to Delta Airlines.  I kind of wish the bird to the left was a little more in focus, but I do kind of like the picture.
 If you've followed my plane posts for any length of time, you know that the 757 is by far my favorite commercial aircraft.  I was getting ready to leave when I saw that this one was coming it.
 This particular 757 was arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
 One more shot of it.
 One more 737.
 I was again getting ready to leave when I saw that there were a couple more heavies coming in.  This particular Airbus A330 was arriving from Paris.
 It wasn't too long before the Delta Airlines 767 came in from London. 
"Lufthansa 442 Heavy cleared to land on Runway 22L".  This was the regular flight from Frankfurt to Detroit.  I was hoping to catch a 747 again, but I guess the one I saw last week was for the Auto Show.

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