Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eastern Michigan Vs. Buffalo in Pictures

As always, these are just pictures surrounding the game.  If you want pictures from the game, go to Hustle Belt.  It was an okay game for three quarters of it but then Buffalo managed to pull away to win.
 I kind of like these banners.
 The Eastern Michigan flag blowing in the wind.
 Good thing they weren't playing football, it was pretty cold today.
 The Eastern Michigan basketball band.
 Kind of like an overall shot of the court.  I like the retired numbers in the corner.
 Looking down the court from in front of the basket.
 Looking up at some old Eastern Michigan championship banners.
 Introducing the team.
 The EMU dance team performed with the Belleville High School dance team.
 One of the Eastern Michigan players trying to get to the basket.
 Coach Murphy discussing the play with the players.
The Eastern Michigan cheerleaders.

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