Monday, January 2, 2017

The Sam Laud Stops for Fuel

As I said in the last piece, I went over to Riverside Park in order to catch the next ship.  I like the view better from there and I figured she wasn't too far behind the Right Honorable Paul J. Martin. 
 While she wasn't too far behind the Martin, I didn't realize that she would be stopping at the anchorage.  It dawned as me as I saw her appear to slow down.  I checked AIS and confirmed that.  I figured that the Hoey was going to greet her at the Belle Isle Anchorage.
 I was hoping to get over there before she started to make her 180 degree turn to pull into the anchorage but that wasn't the case.  I did manage to catch her in the process of turning in between walking over to the other part of Milliken State Park.
 I made it over to the other part of the park as she finished her turn.  I will admit, it is kind of nice to catch a ship in this state because I can get other angles.
 She is approached by the Patricia Hoey with a load of fuel.
 I'm not entirely sure about this shot.  I kind of wish the pilings from the dock weren't in it but I couldn't get the right angle for that.
 Her fuelling complete, she starts to make revolutions to get underway again.  I seriously thought that she was going to use her bow thrusters to pivot but she just sort of did a u-turn.
 But the sun was at about the right angle for some nice lighting at this point, so I wont complain too much.
 I believe she is headed to Cleveland.  I'm going to guess she is carrying iron ore for the steel mill there.
One more shot as I move on.

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