Monday, January 2, 2017

The CSL Laurentien Passes by Belle Isle

Kind of like Saturday was an Algoma day, I guess yesterday was a Canada Steamship day. 
 Next up was the CSL Laurentien and I beleive she was also on her way to Nanticoke.
 I kind of like the channel markers.
 The CSL Laurentien is being followed by the subject of the next post.
 I kind of like it when I can catch ships coming off Lake St. Clair.  The angles aren't quite as good as Port Huron, but they aren't too bad.
 I really like it when I can get the lighthouse in the shot.
 She starts to make her turn towards the channel.
 Of course, I like when I get a chance to get a headshot.
 She makes her final turn towards the channel.
 Occasionally, there is the opportunity for a clean shot.
 Although I like it when I can get buoys or whatever in the picture.
One more shot before moving to the next ship.

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