Sunday, January 29, 2017

At the Toledo Basketball Games

So I went down to Toledo to catch a double header of basketball.  I wanted to get some shots of the women's game for the other blog that I shoot for but I figured since it was a doubleheader, I might as well get the men's game too.  Surprisingly, neither game involved Eastern Michigan which made it feel weird but I did enjoy myself anyway.
 Somebody played the guitar for the Star Spangled Banner and it sounded pretty cool.  Not quite as cool as Jimi Hendrix's version, but not bad.
 There was about the same number of banners on the other side. 
 This was probably my favorite shot of the game.  To see the other shots, go to Hustle Belt.
 The Toledo coach yelling directions to the players.
 These guys are known as the Blue Crew.  I'm not sure if they are officially endorsed by the school but I see them at every Toledo game I go to.  I think it's pretty cool that they have a group like this.
 The Northern Illinois coach directing traffic for his team.  The Huskies would end up winning.
 The dance team during one of the time outs.
 The cheerleaders bringing the flags out.
 The cheerleaders in sort of a pyramid. 
 Like I said above, I ended up staying for the women's game.  Surprisingly, it was alot better than the men's game.  There were several lead changes and it was competitive up to the last second.
 The Toledo dance team.
 The Toledo coach in disbelief at one of the plays.
 And the same from the Central coach.
This player would end up getting 33 points but it was a losing effort as the Chippewas fells to the Rockets.

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