Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ball State Basketball at Eastern Michigan

I went to the Eastern Michigan basketball game on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately the game started at 9:00 which meant I didn't get home until almost midnight.  Last night I posted my pictures on Hustle Belt of the game itself after celebrating a friend's birthday.  So I finally got around to posting pictures not from the game here.  As always, I will post the other pictures from the game and my favorite from the game.  If you want to see shots of the game, go to the link above.
 A shot of the Eastern Michigan flag before the game.  I kind of like the way in looks against the dark sky.
 One of the nice things about the late game was that I got there early enough to get some shots of the teams practicing.  One of the Ball State players dunking.
 I think this was their main player.
 I forget who this was.
 Tim Bond dunking.  He would get a couple decent dunks during the game.
 Swoop before the game.
 A shot of the Basketball Band and the Dance Team during the opening game ceremonies.
 Ball State's head coach.  For some reason, he reminds me of Joe Isuzu.
 His actual name is James Whitford and he's been at Ball State since 2013.    His record through the end of last year was 31-58 and his best season was last year when he went 21-14.  He ended up in a tie for first place in the MAC West and then made it to the CIT quarterfinals.
 He actually seems like a good coach and it also seems like he has Eastern's number.
 The Eastern Michigan cheerleaders.
 I should try to get more shots of the coach during the game.  They can get pretty emotional.
 Some of the students that made it to the game.
 The EMU Dance team again.
 One of the cheerleaders.
 Another of the cheerleaders.
 I tried to get a shot of the basket during a free thrown.  Fortunately the Eastern player made it.
 Another shot of the Dance Team.
 I think Murphy was asking why it wasn't a foul on his side.
And my favorite shot of the game.  After a pretty flat start, Eastern Michigan ended up losing 88-80.  They almost made a game of it but it was too little too late.  Hopefully they can turn things around when they make the trip to Athens, OH to play Miami.

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