Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Algoma Olympic

In what I thought would be a ship making her debut on Michigan Exposures I went down to the Detroit River.   Well actually, I didn't care if she was making her debut or not, I needed to take a ship picture since I spent the weekend hacking out my lungs (although I still managed a couple ship pictures).  So headed down to the River to see a ship called the Algoma Olympic.
Well it turns out that the Algoma Olympic used to be called the Canadian Olympic and it was under that name that I took pictures of her before.  Oh well, a ship is a ship and I don't care if I do repeats of ships on here but had I known, I probably would have taken more detail shots.
Here she is as she passes Belle Isle.  She tried to stay hidden for as long as possible so that she couldn't be avoided.  But too many people have read that book it seems.
I tried to do a shot where she had a place to move into.
It's kind of wierd watching the ships from new vantage points.  It seems like they are twisting and turning to follow the channel.
And she is almost in a position to pass straight by.
A closeup of her pilothouse.
And her bow.  Like I said, had I realized she were a repeat customer, I would have taken more of these shots.
Another shot of her pilothouse.  You can actually see some folks up there and it kind of gives you a sense of scale.
This one was after I switched to the littler lens.
Because I love the straight on shot.
And then I switched back to the other lens to get some of the other shots.  I think you can see the people in the pilothouse better in this shot.
I love the flags flying in this shot.
And I wis the Maple Leaf were flying in this shot.
Another shot of her bow.
And smokestacks.
And she heads off to other parts of the Great Lakes.
A shot with the Ambassador Bridge as a backdrop.
One last shot of her.

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