Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cass Avenue Boat Launch

I saw that there would be a ship in the Saginaw River at roughly the same time I would be there. As I stopped at a rest area, I saw that she was starting to move. Fortunately, there is not that much distance between that rest area and River Road (M-13).
As I was heading up River Road, I saw the ship to my left and I tried to figure out a place where I could watch it.  The first place that popped in my head was the site of the former Cass Avenue Bridge in Bay City.  I've seen pictures of ships taken from that spot on another blog.  This appears to be an old dock or soething.
I'm not sure what this is.
A tugboat parked along side the river.
I believe this is a bumper for the dock.
This would have been one of the approaches for the bridge.  Based on the engraving, it was built in 1914 and I think it fell in the river in the 40's.  I think it was a swing bridge like some of the other bridges in town.
A seagull looking for a meal.  I guess seagulls are a constant for boatwatchers.


Anonymous said...

The Cass Avenue Bridge was closed and abandoned in 1955.

Isaac said...

Tug is Jill Marie, whom you have pictured before. The sunken objects may be wrecks (they line the Bay City part of the river) or parts of old DeFoe

Mikoyan said...

I thought it was the Ann Marie but I wasn't sure.

It looks like it may be an old dock or something. Too far south for Defoe.