Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Couple Other Ships

While I was at Del Ray Park, I figured I would get some pictures of other ships in the area.
 The 1000 Footer American Spirit was docked at the steel mill.  She's been on this blog a couple of times before.  I'd have to say that she is a pretty impressive ship.
 Just another shot of her at the docks.
 I wanted to try to get a shot with the cranes and what not in it.
 Docked on the other side of the river was the Mississagi.  She's no stranger to this blog either.
 There were  a few people fishing, so the seagulls were joining in too.
And one last shot of the American Spirit with a view of Belanger Park behind her.  I will have to go there again one of these days.

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Isaac said...

Yes... the Mississagi shot would've been better from belanger.