Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Odds and Ends...

And so I leave you with another post of odds and ends from Milliken State Park.
 I thought I would stop by the park this morning because it looked like there would be a ship coming upbound.  That ship ended up stopping for fuel so I never got to see it up close.  I think you can see it tucked behind the ship with the red hull though.  The red hulled ship is the Federal Elbe.  The one I was looking for was the Buffalo.
 Sometimes I wish I were more of a morning person because I have to imagine the light would be much better on the Ren Cen.
 Pulled to the side a bit.
 When I stopped at the park this afternoon, a helicopter flew by.  Couldn't quite make out who it belonged to though.
 This is Peter Stroh.  He is the great grandson of Bernhard Stroh, the man who emigrated from Germany to start Stroh Brewery in Detroit.  Through the years, the Stroh Brewery fell on hard times and was finally sold to Pabst in 1999.
Peter Stroh was instrumental in developing the Riverfront though which is why his statue is here.
 I never noticed this statue before but I'd have to say this sculpture puts him in a good light.

 I'd have to say he looks like he might have been a nice person.
 A shot of the Ren Cen in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, I was almost shooting right into the sun.
 I have no idea what this statue is but I did kind of enjoy it.
 A closeup of his head.
 It wouldn't be a visit to the river without one seagull.
Although geese are unusual in this neck of the woods.

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