Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Even More Shots of the Frontenac

The next ship is another ship that is owned by the Canadian Steamship Lines.  She is also a repeat visitor to this blog.
 The ship in question is the Frontenac and I don't mind that she's a repeat visitor since she has the classic lake freighter look.  Here she is passing by the American Integrity.
 She is getting closer.  She has a very distinguishable self unloader though.
 A not so distinctive pilothouse.
 The Canadian Steamship Lines flag painted on the front of the pilothouse.
 I'm not sure if I prefer these ships in their current color scheme or the past black and white scheme though.
 I didn't remember if I got a straight on shot though.
 So I took two.
 The rear of her pilothouse.
 A shot of her stern.
 A sort of closeup of her stack.
 I believe she was heading to Quebec which means that she will be passing through the Welland Canal at some point.
 An almost shot of the Ambassador Bridge.
 I kind of wish I would have gotten more of the bridge in this shot.

And a final shot as she passes under the Bridge.

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Isaac said...

CSL Red came before CSL Black. Traditionally, all the straight-deckers wore red and self-unloaders wore black. Over the last ten years they have been slowly abandoning the black paint scheme and painting them all in the traditional CSL color: red. Cedarglen is the only CSL boat still wearing black.