Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dame's Rocket...I Think

So as I was heading home from work tonight, I noticed some flowers on the side of the road and I kind of liked the looks of them.  I wasn't quite sure what they were until I got home and looked them up on the internet.
 So it turns out that it is Dame's Rocket or wild phlox and I should have destroyed it.
 It still was a pretty flower though.  There are white flowers as well.
 There was a pretty good sized group of them where I took the picture.
 I think I like the purple ones a little better.
 Especially when the light is hitting them just right.

I guess now that I know, I should destroy it.


Isaac said...

They have an awesome name.

Mikoyan said...

They do have an awesome name but apparently they choke out other flowers.

runnergirl429 said...

These are beautiful but yes very invasive. They resemble the wild phlox but are actually in the same family as garlic mustard which is also highly invasive. phlox = good, dames rocket = bad :)