Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Clipper Gemini

Today was the day for me to go up to my mom's but before heading up there, I saw that a ship I've been wanting to see would be passing by Detroit. So I took a quick detour to Del Ray Park to get a glimpse of her.   She is one of many salties that pass through the Lakes.
I was glad that I looked at a picture before I continued on because I still had my camera on manual settings for last night and a few of the pictures were a little on the overexposed side (well a lot on the overexposed side).
At anyrate, the name of the ship is the Clipper Gemini and she had a interesting voyage before coming here.  She left Kobe, Japan on February with a load of parts for an electricity generation project in Calgary.  On the way to Duluth she stopped in China, Thailand, Singapore, the Suez Canal, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Germany.
Here you can see her oceangoing bow.
I'm not sure I like her looks though.
The trip to Duluth was her maiden voyage.
She's a pretty small ship at 393 feet long.  I'm not sure what her tonnage is.

And one final shot before she heads back to wherever she is going.

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