Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random Shots around Eastern Michigan

Well not wandering around the whole campus, just the part immediately around McKenny Union.  I was actually hoping to get a shot of the Water Tower with the rainbow as a backdrop but sadly rainbows are fleeting.
 Since I was down there, I decided to take a picture of Ypsilanti's most distinctive landmark.  I kind of like the way the sun is hitting it in this picture.
 General Ypsilanti standing watch over the tower.
 Looking up at General Ypsilanti.
 Looking up at the tower.
 This is Welch Hall.  Constructed in 1896 (but just after Starkweather), this is the second oldest building on Eastern's campus.
 McKenny Hall (or Union as it was known in my day).
 Just above the entrance to Welch Hall.
 Another angle of the Water Tower.
 Sherzer Hall.  This is the building that nearly burnt down but they were able to restore it.
 Looking up at the details of the Hall.
 Looking up at the windows.
 I'm not entirely sure about this shot.
 Starkweather Hall.  Constructed in 1896, it is the oldest building on Eastern's campus.
 Looking at the Water Tower through the trees.
Another angle of Starkweather Hall.
 Looking at Sherzer through the trees.
 Not sure what kind of flower this is but I kind of liked it.  I almost wish I would have made it to campus a couple weeks ago so that I could catch some of these in bloom.
 Briggs Hall.  This one was named after the same guy that Tigers Stadium was named after at one point.
 Another angle of the Water Tower.
The part of Mark-Jefferson that was remodelled.  It looks kind of nice.

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