Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Edgar Speer on the Detroit River

I think it's cool to run across ships that I've seen elsewhere.  Now that I've been doing this for a couple of years, it seems like I will run across repeat ships more often.  All 1004 feet of the Edgar Speer have appears on this blog before.  But the last time I saw her was at De Tour Passage.  At any rate, both places remind me of nice places.
Today took me to the tip of Belle Isle.  I had enough time to walk out there before the ship would start to pass by.  It actually gives me a chance to take a ship picture where it looks like the ship is on the open water.
I can't imagine just how far out this particular ship would have to be to look this small.
However, as time passes, she starts to loom larger in my viewfinder.
And then I'm forced to make a decision.  Do I try to get close up shots, where I can show hints of the ships size (like the crew members on the bridge)?
Or I can show details of the ship, like the anchors.
Or I can get the shot to show her full length.  I kind of like this one with a little hint of the shore in it.  Kind of gives you an idea of just how close they get at Belle Isle.
I can take another shot of her bow.
Or Bridge.
Or the self-unloading system that is similar to the one on the Stewart Cort and Roger Blough.
Or a shot of her stacks.
Or her rear as she continues on to Conneaut to drop off some iron.
Or is she?  The rest of these shots were taken from a new spot, Del Ray Park.  Del Ray Park is just off Jefferson and is right next door to Fort Wayne (the fort, not the city).
It seemed that the Edgar Speer had turned around and was heading upbound for a bit.
But I think it was only briefly.  She needed to stop for fuel before she could continue on to Ohio.
Almost a closeup.
One of her lifeboats.
Almost a hint of her size.
The crew member is a little lost in this shot.
Even more in this one.
Her stern.
As she heads to the refuelling point.
And one last shot of her before she disappears behind the trees.

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