Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Almost Wet Evening at Gallup

So after work, I decided to head over to Gallup Park.  I didn't think it would be a pain to get there but they are doing some construction on Huron Parkway.  And then when I got there, it was starting to rain a little bit but I looked at the sky to the west and it was fairly clear.  So I decided to stay and I'm glad I did.
 Just the typical gray goose...Nothing to see here, move along.
 Okay, getting a little better.  The M-Flight Helicopter.   I like to watch it fly over but then I have to think that someone is having a bad enough day to have to use it.  Well at least they are in it and can get the care they need.
 One of the larger goslings.  It is amazing how quickly these guys grow.
 A group of goslings.
 As I was looking down the river, I saw this guy start to fly towards me.  I usually don't get pictures of swans in flight.
 But I think I'm a little happier with this shot.
 I usually see the rowers training here.  It's not quite a ship but it will do.
 I really have to get out somewhere to take some plane pictures.  I'm kind of missing it.
 However, the thing that made me most happy tonight was seeing this guy.  I don't know how many times I've tried to get a picture of a cardinal only to meet with disappointment.  Of course there was the one night I tried to get a picture of Tony LaRussa and he nearly beat me with my lens.  Just kidding...I'm sure he's a nice guy.
 He was looking down at the crazy human with the camera.
 Unfortunately, this shot had a little to much backlight.
 And one more shot before he flew off.
 It wouldn't be a night at Gallup without a duck.
 Or a robin....
 Or another duck.
 This is another animal that I have a hard time getting pictures of.  I see chipmunks often enough but they never stick around enough to get their pictures taken.
 I kind of like the way the clouds were swirling around this plane.  I'm pretty sure it is a 737 and I'm pretty confident it is flown by Delta.
 Another common sight at gallup.
 He even got close enough for a mugshot.
 A pair of geese escorting their kids.  For some strange reason the goose in front reminds me of a destroyer going after a U-boat.
 The goslings are almost in a stright line.
 U-boat spotted and the destroyer fires a couple shots to ward it off.
 The white goose.
 The proud parent and babies.
 One more shot of the goose.
 I also happened to catch the train passing by.  Usually I'm not in a good spot for this.
 The goose hamming it up for the camera.
And one last shot of a Canada Goose.


Isaac said...

Grey goose looks like the domesticated version of the Swan Goose.

Mikoyan said...

You are probably right.