Monday, May 21, 2012

St. Joseph, MI - Pirate Invasion

As I said in the Roger Blough post, I couldn't stick around Detroit for too long because I was going to head over to St. Joseph with a friend.  We were hoping that we would be able to catch the eclipse as it was setting over Lake Michigan.  We weren't quite sure about the weather though but we figured we would chance it.
 I didn't realize that they were having a pirate thing though.  It was similar to the thing Chicago did a few years ago using cows (and someplace else using another animal).  Basically, there were pirate theme sculptures and local artists painted them up.  This was a dolphin in a cornucopia.
 A pretty standard pirate.
 With a pretty standard parrot.
 I think this was supposed to be an Elvis pirate.
 A closeup of his face.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of this pirate's back because there was a pretty cool ship painting on it.  The front doesn't look too bad though.
 A pelican.
 A sea turtle showing off the Girl Scouts.
 The sea turtle's back.
Just a shot of downtown St. Joseph.  We at a restaurant that was pretty good.


Anonymous said...

St. Joe is the sweetest town I have ever been to in my many travels. It is truly a secret find.

Chad Wiebesick said...

Mikoyan - love your pirate photos. Mind if we use one on the Pure Michigan Facebook page and credit you?

Chad Wiebesick said...
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