Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bee Strong

After a bunch of ship pictures, I have a post on a more serious note.

A friend of mine has a son that was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010.  He was at Mott Children's Hospital for a long time.  Things seemed to get better and then worse and then better.  Right now, it seems to be in a holding pattern.  I wish him and his family all the best. 

My friend is a pretty good writer and has a blog at Mom Crusades.   Please check out her blog.
In an effort to raise money for cancer research, a bunch of these bee ribbons were made.  If you live in Bay City, you can pick one up at the 7-11 on Henry Street.


Kathy said...

Hey - many thanks for getting the word out.

While you're at the Henry St. 7-11, say hello to Deb and get yourself a wild cherry/coke slurpee mix :-)

Mikoyan said...

No problem. I was hoping that I'd get a picture of one of the bees around town though.

Anonymous said...

Great way to say stay stong! I always think of this family as i have a ten year old son and could not imagine what this family or any family of a sick child has to go through!!!