Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Mississagi from Smith Park

So my last stop of the day was Smith Park in Essexville.  If I would have known how to get a spot at the end of the river from the east side, I would have done it but oh well.  Maybe next time I get to see a ship moving up the river.
 Here she is approaching the railroad bridge.  I kind of like how she is obscured.
 As she is passing through the bridge.  As you can see, there was quite a bit of traffic on the river.
 She's passed the railroad bridge.  She's still moving fairly slow at this point.
 An almost head on shot.
 A closeup of her anchors.
 Looking up at the pilothouse.  You can see the crew in this one.
 An almost 3/4's view.
 Another shot of the pilothouse.
 A closeup of one of the anchors.
 One more shot of the pilothouse.
 A detailed shot of the deck house.
 A shot of her stern.
 An almost straight on shot of her stern.
And one last shot.

The Independence Bridge was out, so it wouldn't easy to get to a spot at the mouth of the River to get a shot of her leaving.  If I knew of a spot on the east side, I would have gone there.  At any rate, I thought it was pretty cool to track a ship going up the Saginaw River.  It is rare for me to get a ship and when I do, it is normally one of the barge ships that I don't particularly care for.  So I was happy to get a picture of a proper ship for a change.

Maybe the traffic on the Saginaw River is increasing and I'll get more chances like this.

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