Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And the Tim S. Dool Makes Two

After the American Century, I didn't think there were any more ships coming around so I decided to head out again.  As I was passing Milliken, I saw another ship heading up the river, so again I turned around to try and catch her a Belle Isle.
 Turns out it was a ship I haven't seen a while, the Tim S. Dool.  She was just making her way up the river.
 The Dool is another one of the stern deckers that I don't mind.  She got a pretty nice shape.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And a shot of her stern.  She doesn't look quite as rusty as some of her fleet mates, but she still looks pretty rusty.
 Another shot of her pilothouse and stack.  I do like the Algoma logo.
 As I was taking shots of the Dool, this Criss Craft passed by.  I really like the looks of old pleasure boats.
 A shot of her rear.  I like the way it curves a bit.
And one more shot before moving on.

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