Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Fallasburg Bridge

Since the way I was taking to my first lighthouse would take me sort of past the covered bridge at Fallasburg, I decided to stop for some pictures there.  The burning of Whites Bridge made me realize that these things can be fleeting and if presented with the opportunity to take pictures, I should take it.  I should have deviated a little further to see what kind of pictures of Whites Bridge I could get but I supsect those would have been pretty sad pictures.
 It was kind of cool to get pictures of this with more leaves in the background though.  Makes me think I might want to head over this way to get them in fall colors.  I'd imagine this would be pretty picturesque.
 The water was certainly still enough to get a nice reflection, but I don't know what the stuff floating at the top of the water is.  That kind of messed with the picture.
 Still makes for a nice picture, I think though.
 However, I did get the picture I wanted to get in this one.  I just wish the tree wasn't to the left but it does kind of add to the picture.
 I really like this angle.
 And remember there is a five dollar fine for driving faster than a walk over the bridge.  But there never seems to be anyone around to enforce this rule.
 Looking down the bridge.  I'd hoped to get a picture of this with my dashboard but there were too many people crossing the bridge.
 Heading back to the car, I thought I would try some different angles.
 And one more before getting into my car.  Like I said, I think I want to head back when the leaves look like they are going change.
 This used to be the home of Mr. Fallas.  I think it dates back to the 1800's.
 A shot from the front.
I kind of liked the look of this lantern.

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