Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Barton Dam

I headed up to Grand Rapids yesterday for the ArtPrize but I ended up taking a kind of round about way to get out of town.  Part of that way was passing by the Barton Dam.  I decided to stop by there because I haven't taken pictures there in a while and there were hints of color in the area.
 Looking down the river from the bridge.  It seemed like there was more color as I was heading in than on the river.
 It was a fairly nice day to take pictures though.  Since the dam was shut off, the water was pretty smooth so the reflections were nice.
 Sadly, I was shooting right into the sun.
 Again, I would have liked this picture a little more had I not been shooting into the sun.
 Tried to get a framed picture.
 I really like the colors on the dam itself.
One more picture before leaving.

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