Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse

So my last light on the west coast of Michigan (I think it may even be the last light I needed in the lower peninsula) was the Grand Traverse Light.  The trip to the light was pretty scenic as we went through the Leelanau Peninsula.  I kind of wish I wasn't focused on the lighthouse as there were some places that were photo worthy.
 I believe this would be an ancestor to the current Defender boats used by the Coast Guard.
 I'm not sure what it is called but it looks like it is roughly thirty feet long.
 This looks like it was built by one of the lighthouse keepers.  I'd imagine it would get pretty boring in the winter at one of these lighthouses.
 This is a building holding the foghorn.  I believe it was constructed in 1899.  It now houses a portion of the museum.
A birdbath built by another keeper (I think).
 This is actually the second lighthouse on this spot.  The first one was ordered in 1850 by Millard Fillmore but deemed inadequate in 1858 when the current lighthouse was built.
 This particular light marks the Manitou Passage where Lake Michigan traverses into Grand Traverse Bay.
 The tower is 41 feet high but stands on sort of hill.  It uses a fifth order Fresnel lens.
 The light was automated in 1972 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.  It is also part of the state's list.
 Sometimes the light is called the Northport Light in honor of nearby Northport.
 A view of Lake Michigan from the light.
 I believe this is a channel marker.
 I'll have to say that it is a very nice lighthouse.  Kind of reminds me of the Old Mission Lighthouse.
 A sign highlighting some of the history of the light.
One more view before moving on.

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