Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Day at Put-In-Bay Part II

The rest of my pictures from yesterday.
 After we headed down the tower, I decided to get another picture.  It actually started to clear up.  I kind of wish we would have stayed up there a little longer.
 There are some pretty cool rock formations around the island.
 Another shot of the far off battle.  It looks like more of the ships had sails up.
 And you don't expect to see a pilothouse in a place like this.  This was the pilothouse from the Benson Ford.  It was converted into someone's house.  I would have to say that was pretty cool.
 The Yankee Lady decided to appear over the battle.
 The South Bass Lighthouse again.
 Another shot of the battle.  It looks like it was a little more heated at this point.
 A plane.
 Another angle of the lighthouse.  It almost reminds me of the Forty Mile Point lighthouse near Rogers City.
 Looking up at the tower.
 Looking from another side.
 And from the other side.  Again, I think it is a pretty neat looking lighthouse.
 Right after I took this picture, some idiots decided to hop in the water.  I think they may have been a little drunk.
 A clock.
 One of the many restaurant/bars in town.
 I think this is the main street.  I will have to say it was pretty nice, but I think Mackinac Island is nicer.
 This was kind of a cool looking building.
 Another restaurant.
 A Merry-Go-Round with some depictions of the battle.
 A couple of the horses.
 Back on the Ferry to head back to the mainland.  I kind of wish would have stayed long enough to catch the ships as they were coming back but that would have cut it close for catching the last ferry back to the mainland.  Oh well.  Maybe they will do another next year.
 A shot of the island as we were leaving.
 Same shot but with part of the ferry in it.
As we were heading back, I saw this blimp and had to get a picture of it.  I apololgize for the fuzziness as I was shooting from the car.

I had fun yesterday.  I'm just kind of bummed that I couldn't see much of the re-enactment but I guess it makes sense for them to hold it where they did.  I would imagine the ships needed some room for sailing.  Had I known that, I would have tried to figure out a way to get closer to them.

Put-In-Bay was okay but I think Mackinac Island is nicer.

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