Monday, September 23, 2013

Eastern Michigan Football Vs. Ball State Cardinals

So I went to the Eastern game on Saturday to do my pictures for Eagle Totem.  It was homecoming (which seems early this year) and the MAC opener for EMU, so I was hoping for a good game.  Or at least a decent game.
 The band heading over towards the Convocation Center so that they could enter the field.
 The players heading back to the tunnel after the pre-game warmups.
 I kind of liked the looks of this Eastern flag in the sunlight.
 It seems that one of the traditions for the Homecoming Game is the parade of International Students.  It is amazing to think of how many countries are represented at Eastern.
 The Color Guard from the EMU ROTC batallion. 
 The band starts to take the field.  Normally during Homecoming, there are members of the Alumni Band but I didn't see too many of those this year.
 Another shot of the band.
 A closeup of one of the band members.
 The Color Guard during the Star Spangled Banner.
 This is an eagle that is brought over by the nice folks at the Leslie Science Center.  I think it is pretty cool that they have been doing this and I hope this continues.
 The cannon crew during the Star Spangled Banner.
 A shot of the drum line.
 A closeup of the eagle's face.
 Another closeup of the eagle.
 The eagle and her handler from the Leslie Science Center.  The Leslie Science Center is located in Ann Arbor and if you get a chance, you should go visit there.  They have a number of birds of prey that they are trying to rehabilitate.
 After EMU scored on their first posession, Ball State had to return the favor.
 Darius Jackson running with the ball.  I don't remember if this is the run where he fumbled or if that was the next run.
 I believe this is Bronson Hill, running with the ball.  I don't understand why Jackson got the start over Hill because Hill is a beast.
 I wish I would have caught this as the ball was approaching, but I do like this shot.
 Ryan Brumfeld shaking a tackle.
 Tyreese Russell trying to stretch for the endzone.  He did not make it though.
 I'm not sure who is getting tackled.
 A shot of the band during halftime.
 Another Eastern player getting tackled.  I think if I were going to do something to this shot, I would crop a little tighter on the players tackling.
 One of too many cases where the Ball State player breaks free.  I'm not sure if it was a poor defense scheme or poor tackling but either case reflects badly on the coaching.
 At least Swoop was still in good spirits.
One of two pictures that pretty much sums up the game.
However, I think this picture sums up the game even better.  Ball State player Horacio Banks running pretty much unmolested to the endzone.  As you can see, there isn't an Eastern player around him.
When I started this gig, I watched EMU have a 6-6 season and nearly make a bowl game.  In my second year, EMU's season wasn't quite that good and this season isn't looking like it will be much better.  I am not really a fan of changing coaches but I think that Ron English has had plenty of time to build a program.  From where I stand, it's not a lack of talent that is holding Eastern back because from what I seen, Eastern has some talent.  It just seems like they aren't ready for the games or something.
So we'll muddle through this season and see what happens.

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