Sunday, September 1, 2013

St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church

Probably one of my favorite churches in Bay City is St. Stanislaus Church on the East Side.  It is one of two churches than you can see from the Zilwaukee Bridge but it is the more distinct of the two.
 In the late 1800's, Poles were escaping Prussian domination and some of them settled in Bay City.  In 1874, they constructed a wooden church on the current land which was donated by William D. Fitzhugh (a prominent citizen of Bay City).
 As the congregation grew, they decided to build the current church.  The plans were created by the Bay City architects Pratt and Koeppe.  I just love looking up at the spires.
 The cornerstone was layed down in 1890 and construction was completed in 1892.  The church cost $60,000.  It is an example of Neo-Gothic architecture.
 I will have to say that it is a pretty beautiful church on the outside and the inside doesn't disappoint either.
 I'd hate to think what a church like this would cost these days if they could even build it.
More of a shot of the grounds with the rectory next door.

Anyone who has followed this blog for a long time knows that I love architecture and I think some churches are the best examples of architecture.

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