Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Mackinac Bridge by Daylight

One of the nice things about staying in Mackinaw City is that I can get pictures of the Bridge at times that I wouldn't normally be there.  For instance, I get a chance to catch the Bridge in the morning light.
 Amazingly, it was a pretty nice day.  The cloud cover was just right and the temperature was perfect.  Enough about the weather.  I love the exaggerated long looks that I get with my smaller lens.  Especially with the clouds the way they were.
 As I said, it was a perfect day.  I think you can even see the Ferry in this picture.
 I decided for a tighter shot.
 As I was walking around the park, I couldn't pass up a picture of one of my favorite lighthouses.
 Or another shot of the Bridge.
 I kind of liked the way this seagull looked in the shallow water.
 As I moved closer to the Bridge, I liked the angles better.
 It's hard to believe it is a little over two miles to the first tower.
 Maybe this picture is more convincing of the five miles of the Bridge.
 I couldn't pass up a shot through the birches.
 Or one of my favorite angles of the lighthouse.  Sadly, I was almost shooting into the sun for this shot.
 Sort of looking up at the tower.
 And the straight on shot of the lighthouse.
 Showing the Michigan Historical sign.
 Another pulled out shot of the Bridge.
 And one more not so pulled out.
 We decided to grab breakfast in St. Ignace and then I saw on AIS that I might still have a shot at a ship, so I headed over to the park on the other side of the Bridge.  I didn't see the ship there but I decided to follow the roads out and then I stumbled across this view of the Bridge.  I kind of liked it.
And then I got a fleeting view of the American Integrity.

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